A Professional Team With Passion

It’s not about how we do it, it’s why we do it. Simply put, we have a passion for sharing people’s vision in a unique way. Capturing a business, event or an entire community from the sky inspires people. Our reward comes from using that inspiration to help people grow their business or event.

Randy Claypool- Pilot, Founder

Randy’s passion for flight goes back more than 40 years when he first flew in an airplane for the first time as a child. This passion soon grew into flying RC airplanes and helicopters for over 20 years. In the early days he began by mounting cameras to his RC planes, but once drones hit the market, Eagle Eye Photography was born.

Erik Rorsz_20161117_172517ss- Pilot

Erik is a commercial instrument rated pilot with 3300 total flying hours flying anything from a single engine Cessna to a Citation jet. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Baker College of Muskegon in Aviation Management. Erik has experience as a flight instructor, cargo pilot, charter pilot and Aerial survey pilot with over 600 hours of Aerial survey experience operating in complex  airspace such as Chicago O’hare, Atlanta Hartsfield, and New York City.

Tina Claypool- Photographer

Tina has a natural photographer’s eye with over 15 years’ experience of photo editing and printing. She has a knack for capturing nature’s beauty at it’s best. She’s also has an ability to create video that is shared virally. When she’s not capturing video, she’s researching and developing new techniques to use on the next project.






Cutting Edge Technology

Mobile Control Station

Our mobile control station gives us the ability to travel to your site and spend the necessary time to capture everything for your video.

Drone, Plane and Video Equipment

Not only do we use state of the art drone equipment, our Cessna 172 is set up for photo/video production and also enables us to travel anywhere in the state of Michigan in two hours or less. Our airplane also allows us to capture images above and beyond drone capability.

Post Production

We use an iMac 5k computer with Final Cut Pro software for post production editing with cinematic quality. Every video is optimized for use on websites and social media.