3 Step Project Management

We have a three stage process that will make your aerial video project easy to manage, affordable and ensure that you receive a high quality production designed to help you accomplish your goals.

 1. Planningpencil

Your project begins with an onsite visit where we consider factors like optimal vantage points and any obstacles we need to work around. This is your opportunity to share with us what you want to accomplish with your video project and we start figuring out how to do it.

2. Capturingphoto

We use our mobile control station to capture high definition video almost anywhere. We’ll start production with our cameras and drones during optimal weather conditions for the best video quality, or at the precise time of your event.

3. Creatingstar

The final step of your project is bringing it all together with impressive high definition video production. We use professional post editing software and our artistic instincts to create a dynamic presentation that will motivate and inspire your audience.